TC Shoecare premium foam cleanser deluxe cleaning kit for sneakers
Deluxe Cleaning Kit
Deluxe Cleaning Kit
Deluxe Cleaning Kit
Deluxe Cleaning Kit
Deluxe Cleaning Kit
Deluxe Cleaning Kit
Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Deluxe Cleaning Kit


  • Eco-friendly Cleaning Formula Crafted In-House with Care – We closely monitor the entire production process for our shoe cleaner kit to ensure the highest quality for your shoes and the environment.
  • Safe on all Materials – Our white shoe cleaner kit is suitable for various materials, including delicates such as suede, mesh, cotton, flyknit and more. Experience effective and worry-free cleaning for all your favorite shoe types.
  • Quick Clean – Clean your sneakers in under 10 minutes with our shoes cleaner kit for sneakers and step into them immediately. Enjoy the convenience of a swift cleaning routine.
  • All-in-One Solution – Everything you need in a single kit – 1 Foam Premium Cleaner for all materials, 1 Premium Brush for delicate materials, 1 Basic Brush for resistant materials, and 1 ultra soft microfiber cloth. A complete shoe cleaning kit for sneakers.
  • Efficient Foam Cleaning – Our foam cleaner is designed for a speedy and hassle-free clean. Clean up to 50 pairs of shoes with one bottle, offering both efficiency and effectiveness.

How to use it?

  1. Choose the appropriate brush for the material to clean*.
  2. Moisten the brush with water.
  3. Apply Premium Cleaner on the brush.
  4. Brush the layer creating lather.
  5. Wipe sneaker with Microfiber towel and let it air dry.

Premium Brush: Made of soft natural hair for delicate materials such as suede, mesh, cotton, nubuck.

Basic Brush: Made of hard bristles for resistant materials such as finishes leather, canvas, synthetic, soles and midsoles.


01 Premium Foam Cleaner (5.07oz)

01 Premium Brush – Soft Bristles

01 Basic Brush – Hard Bristles

01 Microfiber Towel

100% in-house designed cleaning formula


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