• You can clean all kind of materials. Our formula performs gently and efficiently on all
    kinds of materials. The selection of the brush is key to get great results!
  • Does not remove the yellowish stains on the midsoles, soles and plastic parts of your
    sneakers. They are normally caused by a reaction of the plastic when in contact with
  • We recommend using it for resistant materials like soles, midsoles, acrylic and canvas .
    It has acrylic bristles, which will be more effective while removing dirt and stains on
    these kinds of materials.
  • If you have any doubt about the type of material you are cleaning, pick the Premium
  • We recommend using it for delicate materials like suede, mesh, cotton, nubuck . It has
    soft hair bristles, which will be gentle and effective on these kinds of materials.
  • While cleaning suede, sometimes you will see that some color of your sneaker will pass
    on to the microfiber towel, this is call “bleeding”. It is better to first try cleaning a small
    part of the sneaker to check on the amount of bleeding. If it bleeds too much, better
    just brush it to remove the dirt and not use the Premium Cleaner.
  1. Choose the appropriate brush for the material to clean.
  2. Moisten the brush with water.
  3. Apply Premium Cleaner on the brush.
  4. Brush the layer creating lather.
  5. Wipe sneaker with Microfiber towel and let it air dry.

Our leather conditioner solution is ideal for finished leathers (leathers that normally have a
glossy and shiny look).

Determining type of leather:

Water drop test:

  • Finished leather: Water sits on surface without soaking in.
  • Semi-finished: Water slowly soaks into the leather
  • Unfinished: Water immediately soaks into the leather
  1. Wipe the surface of the leather using the microfiber towel to remove any dirt or grime.
  2. Apply t&c leather conditioner solution on a clean microfiber towel.
  3. Rub the clean leather in circular motions with the towel.
  4. Allow leather to air-dry.
  • You can wash it on the washing machine or by hand.